14 April - 30 June 2023

A new sculpture sited in the garden of The House of St Barnabas & works from the Cosmic Egg series in the Garden Room. 


Changing Room x The House of St Barnabas is proud to present our ongoing series of solo shows, featuring a collection of artists who each showcase their unique artistic practice in 1 Greek Street.


All the works for sale with a portion of the proceeds going to The House of St Barnabas. Working together we can break the cycle of homelessness. These solo shows come together under one roof to form a whole house exhibition, creating a dynamic and immersive experience for all. 


The House of St Barnabas is a social enterprise and charity that works to support people affected by homelessness back into long-term employment. Their vision is of a future where lasting good work, a secure home and a supportive network are a reality for those affected by homelessness.


As you traverse the exhibition, you'll encounter a diverse array of works, a space that is somewhat inaccessible at times and opens its doors to all. Each artist has their own distinct narrative and approach, adding to the rich fabric of Soho, telling their side of the evolving story.


Gavin Turk draws inspiration from his own childhood memories of Soho, his father was a Jeweller and had a workshop a short distance from The House of St Barnabas. He is also influenced by the ready-made objects of Marcel Duchamp that challenge the viewer's perception of what constitutes a work of art. His sculptures and installations often incorporate every day or manufactured items, subverting traditional notions of authorship through his use of humour, irony, and irreverence.


The exhibition features 'Safe,' a found object transformed into a contemporary icon, symbolising physical wealth in a world now dominated by a new belief system of data and digital currencies. The object triggers questions around value and security, representing a ritualistic object and acting as a sacred hearth or the golden egg.


Also on show are 'Cosmic Eggs,' a series of cut-out plywood egg shapes used as tables in the production of other works. The painting shows remnants or shadows of past works created, embodying the symbolism of the egg as a visual shorthand for the surrealism of imagination, new life, and un-hatched potential.


‘The works I am presenting at HoSB are all ‘found objects’, through processing the surface of the objects, they are imbued with a heightened importance. For me there is an obvious relationship between an egg and a safe.’ 

Gavin Turk