UN/INHABITING: Xiuching Tsay

7 April - 30 June 2023

Changing Room Gallery x The House of St Barnabas presents ‘Un/Inhabiting’, a solo exhibition featuring the work ofXiuching Tsay. The exhibition takes a closer look at Tsay exploration of mark making. 


Tsay's approach to creating works of art forms the language that explores from deconstructive forms of meaning to its abstractions, and both bonds and clashes between the fragments, aimed at clarifying an unclarity and questioning clarity itself. This search for logic within paintings is coupled with an exploration of the otherness outside of this logic, which Tsay describes as the alien self.


Inspired by the patterns of natural growth and ecology of animals and plant lives, many mark making expressed in relation to the scientific concepts and law of attractions, Tsay's work contemplates the physical rules of many earthly beings, their behaviours, and life fates that remind us of the mysteries of human existence. Through her paintings, Tsay explores how we face an existential crisis every day and are influenced in this shared space - the habitat of all beings.


‘Un/Inhabiting’ is a powerful reminder of the interconnectedness of all beings and the fragile nature of our shared habitat. Tsay's work promises to leave a lasting impression on all who experience it, offering a unique perspective on the mysteries of human existence and the complex relationship between the self and the world.

In building a landscape within a painting, Tsay imagines the locations, situations, and biological traits of other lives, applying the human experience and the trace of familiar body. However, even the known experience becomes questionable and sometimes frightening when detached from the place we have been. Tsay's work invites viewers to contemplate their relationship with the world and with the otherness that lies within it.