• Changing Room Gallery seeks to change what we know a gallery to be and how we know art to be seen. In a time when creatives are consciously and continually adapting, Changing Room is a gallery that does the same, engaging and aligning itself with change.


    At its core, Changing Room is an artist-led gallery, intent on bringing the creative process to the forefront. Changing Room provides artists the opportunity to interact with one another and with the public, and visitors will also find artists in residence at work throughout the space.


    Changing Room Gallery’s name is a nod to its earliest location at the back of a garment store in the heart of Soho, whilst also identifying the possibilities for exposing the artistic practises that so often go unseen. Soho provides both a backdrop and a driving force to Changing Room, and the gallery does not exist in a single gallery space, but instead inhabits rolling locations in and around London’s Soho. 


    Built around the importance of conversation, communication and constant inspiration, Changing Room encourages its audience to observe and engage with the artistic process at any time. We hope that, just as the artists inspire the visitors, so too will the visitors inspire the artists.